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It's a new year and time to change our thoughts about our home. When you walk into your home do you experience joy, relaxation, blissfulness? If the answer is no this workshop is for you.

Learn how to get motivated to declutter, the organizing system that works for your household and tips for maintaining a home so it is blissful, relaxing and joyful all year round.

Separating Waste


We will look at the 5 different types of clutter the majority of us tend to accumulate and how we can deal with and let go.


Bathroom Shelves
Discover the organizing system that works best for your household. When we have toe right storage/organization system in place 3 things happen, 1.) We know where to find thing 2.) It makes it easier to put things away 3.) It makes it easier to maintain your home. We organize for the space we live in, not for our stuff.
Happy Family at Home


We will be discussing what clutter really is, the types of clutter we deal with and those pesky road blocks that are holding us back from having a home full of comfort and bliss. Get ideas on how to deal with, time, being overwhelmed, lack of motivation and making decisions.



Workshop takes place on Zoom on Thursday January 11, 2024 
from 12:00 pm _ 2:00 pm CST

Cost is less than a luncheon for 2

Replay will be available for those who can not make the live.


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Working with Children to Declutter and Organizing PDF
Motivation for Decluttering PDF
What to do With Memorabilia PDF
What to do With Heirlooms PDF

If you haven't already, join the Facebook group, Decluttering & Organizing Tips & Tricks

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