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Clear bins are excellent for the detailed abundance organizing personality. Everything you have can be stored in the bins and you can label them. They come in a large selection of shapes and sizes. However, the good thing about clear bins is that you can easily see what is inside. Consider these clear bins with drawers and these stackable clear bins


              PEG BOARDS
Peg boards are great for this personality as they tend to be working on multiple projects at once. This makes it easy to temporarily store the tools being used for each project. There are a variety of products use with peg boards, clear baskets and bins, come in a variety of colors and styles. You can purchase accessory kits making it more cost effective with a variety of options. There are shelves to use with the board  and hooks are great for getting to tools quickly.

              OPEN STORAGE
Open storage is a must for the detailed abundance personality. Book cases and shelfs are the perfect option. Avoid shelving with drawers or doors. If you have a  closet in the work room, remove the door and consider investing in a closet organizer system. Consider purchasing clear open front storage bins or easy access within the closet organizer.


Hooks are another item that is beneficial to this personality. Shelfs with hooks will allow you to organize items being used for various projects. Clear hanging organizers are a great way to store supplies and other items and can be used on some closet organizers.

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