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\Do you want better health? Do you want to learn how the food you currently eat impacts your health? I will teach you this and so much more. By the end of the 9 weeks you will have the tools and knowledge to eat healthier. You will learn that you do not have to sacrifice the foods you love.

Warning: Eating healthy may result in weight loss.

Who is This Course for?

Who is this course for? Those who own a business or are employed. The last thing you need is to have poor health and have it impact your finances. Families can benefit from this course as many families tend to eat out, rather cooking at home. I'll teach you how to prepare delicious meals, to freeze or enjoy the same evening that are quick, taste good and healthy. For those in their later years who have realized that the you are eating is not what you enjoyed during your earlier years. I will educate you as to why and guide you back to the food of your yester years.

Enjoying Fast Food
1. After Eating why am I Still Hungry? - This module discusses the history of the food supply. Learn why after you eat you are still hungry, 
2. How animal products effect our health - In this module we will look at how faming practices have changed. How these practices have a negative impact on our health, choosing healthy animal products, vegan substitutes and the impact on our digestive system.
Dairy Farm
Herbs and Vegetables
3. Supplements - Learn why it is important for us to take supplements. Find out which ones our bodies need in order to function correctly, stay healthy, avoid poor health and eat less. 
4. Listening to Your Body - Our bodies speak to us, they let us know when something is not right. They also give us important information about the foods we eat.  Here I will tell you how to determine which foods your body doesn't like. Then discuss some changes you can make without giving up the foods you love.
Healthy Woman
Food Photography
5. Change Your Food, Change Your Life - When we gain knowledge about the foods we eat we can make smarter choices. Here you will learn about different foods and how they can impact your body in a negative way and prevent you from losing weight. 
6. Eating Organic - Learn why we should eat organic, where to find organic foods that are less expensive and how to read labels even on organic foods.
Woman Unloading Grocery
Stressed Woman
7.  Dealing with Stress - Stress can have a negative impact on our health and make it hard to take off unwanted weight. Here you will learn how stress impacts your health and how to deal with it naturally.
8. Exercise - I know you don't want to here it, or maybe you are doing it and it's not helping. However, we are going to explore some fun ways of getting exercise and what other benefits it offers.
Adult Ballet Class
9. Bonus - One and one call with me to have your questions answered. Call to last no more than an hour.
  • Download of each module with unlimited access including any updates $457.00 value
  • A 1/2 hour zoom call with Joyce every other week $100.00 value
  • Access to the private Facebook page
  • Healthy recipes created and tried by Joyce $30.00 value
                                                                                          Total value $557.00

Start Date

Wednesday July 27, 2022

Course limit 10 people.

Reviewing Paperworks

Each module will be unlocked on a weekly basis, on Wednesdays. You will get an informed email with your unique password. Be sure to keep it somewhere safe. Zoom calls will take place on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm CST starting on. A link will be mailed out the day before. You don't want to miss these as you never know when Joyce will offer up something special.  Can't make the call a replay will be available in the Facebook group.


Pay later option, 4 interest free payments


Schedule a 30 minute call or Zoom chat with Joyce, 

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