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avoid buying duplicates

When we do not have a organizational system in place we spend precious time hunting items we know we have down, only to come up with empty hands. We then go out and spend money, so we now have the item we could not find. This is why it is important that everything in our homes has a place.

taking out & putting away

When everything has a place in our homes it makes it easier to take things out and put things away. It also makes it easier to find the items we need and avoid buying it again.

Items we have and can't find include scissors, remote controls, glasses, pens, headphones, etc.

where to store things

Having a place for things is important, but where they are kept needs to make sense to YOU! Ask yourself these questions where do I use it? Where would I look for it? What makes the most sense to me. Forget about what society says as far as where you should keep your things.

For instance my supplements are in a cabinet on a shelf above my seasonings. I take them at night and they are across from the sink and next to the fridge. As part of my bed time routine I get something to drink and that is when I take my supplements. If they were in the bathroom, where most people keep them, I would be less likely to take them or forget about them.

drawer dividers

Drawer dividers can be used in various areas of our home to keep things organized and easy to find and put away.

They come in a variety of packages, different colors, different sizes, so there is sure to be something that fits your needs.

You do not need to use them all in one drawer. They can be split up and used where you need them including on an end table where you do your crossword puzzles to hold pens/pencils. Use them in/on the bedroom night stand to hold your glasses and medications/supplements. How and where will you use them?

Bedside organizer

A bedside organizer is a great thing to have especially if you do not have an end table. Even if you do have an end table it is nice to have things off the table and stored neatly in the organizer. Nice thing is it slides under the mattress and are as low as $5.99.

Couch organizer

Couch organizers are nice for those with little room or even for those who choose not to have end tables. The one on the left comes in a variety of patterns. You can get them with a cup holder if you don't have a table. They start at $9.99 and come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials.

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