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avoiding overstocking products

This is an issue many American households struggle with. We go to the store and stock up on things we use frequently and do not want to run out of. However, there is are a few problems with doing this.

reasons we overstock

As an empty nester I can say that my husband and I have realized we do not need to buy things in big packages as it is just us.

I cleaned out a cabinet the other day only to find a bunch of sugar in it. I had no idea we had it, but it is a deep cabinet. I arranged it so all the sugar is behind the sugar container. This way when the container is empty I know where the sugar is.

Preventing overstock


There are things we can do to prevent overstocking. Consider keeping an ongoing list of things you are out of. Using a magnet list keeper on the fridge can help to make things easier. Invest in a can organizer which allows you to put cans in according to the best used by date. Use fridge organizers to keep track of various products to avoid buying what you already have. Use a organizer under the sink to keep track of your cleaning products.


Consider under the bathroom sink organizer. Organize your items according to date oldest to newest. Put like items together, so you know what you have. Over the door organizers work well to organize shampoo, lotions and other bigger items you need to keep track of.

other overstock items

For laundry items consider some shelves or other products to help keep track of what you have. Also you can store paper towels here as well.

When it comes to preventing overstock we need systems in place where we can easily see what we have. If our space is cluttered and unorganized it makes it hard to see what we have. We end spending money on things we do not need and it is taking up real estate that could be used for something else. Labels are our friends, invest in labels to make it easier to find things. This will not only help with overstock, but make it easier to organize and stay organized.

You can get removable labels in case you want to change them. Clip on labels work well when using basket, be sure to get the ones that are chalkboard for easy reuse. If you are someone who wants to label once and be done with it preprinted labels should be a consideration.

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