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Binders for organizing papers

Binders are a great way to declutter papers and get them organized. I use plastic page protectors to protect my papers. They can be used to organize a variety of papers we may encounter in our homes.

If you have magazines laying around that you will not get rid of tear the page out. You can create different binders for topics.

All papers we acquire can be organized using binders or a expanding organizer file folder for smaller topics. Some of the binders I have are for gardening, herbs, recipes etc. Labels can be easily created using a printer or cutting stock board to insert or tape on to the side of the binder. The expanding organizers come with tabs to insert as you would a file folder.

This method can be used for any type of papers you have acquired that currently do not have a home. They can then be placed on a shelf or in a storage container which can then be labeled.

Important documents can also be organized using this method. If you have binders or expanding organizers for documents and binders be sure to keep them separated and labeled for easy access.

Happy Organizing,


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