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Clutter Free Holidays1

The holidays tend to add to clutter. Toys, clothes, stuff we will never use or do not need. Forget the stuff you do not or giving others more stuff. More peple are leaning towards giving or getting quality time.

I am going out of town next week and the week after the kids are coming. So, that means mama needs to clean. So, I'll be posting more ideas for a cluttr free holiday until I leave.

Entertainment Baskets

There are a variety of gift baskets to give and you can find one for everyone on your list.

There are a variety of entertainment baskets geared to gathering the people we love.

Movie Night

You can put together a movie night basket yourself or their are a variety you can easily purchase. They are filled with popcorn, candy, crackers, granola bars etc.

Game Night

My family loves to play games and I know there are others that do too. These baskets

not only come with snaks, but some even come with a game or more.

Build Your Own

You can always build your own baskets for movie and game night. There are a variety of baskets with a handle tyhat can be reused. Bulk snaks, bulk healthy snaks, organic snaks,

consider purhasing a subsriction to Amazon prime, The Disney and others for their movie night. For game night take a look at these games for kids and adults, games for teens and adults, games for adults, and of course you can add anything else you know the gift getter would enjoy as long is does not contribute to clutter.

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