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dealing with clothes clutter

As of 2015 the clothing industry was a $12 billion industry. The average American family $1,700.00 with this industry per year. The average American woman in 1930 owned 9 outfits, now they own one for every day of the month. Forbes

64 lbs. of clothing are thrown away by the average American family per year. Huffington Post

How many times do we go to get dressed look in our closet and stand and stare? We have so many clothes yet we have nothing to wear.

When it comes to our clothes and decluttering them there are a variety of questions we need to ask ourselves about the clothes we are keeping.

  1. Have I used within the past year?

  2. Do I love how it makes me feel?

  3. Would I buy this again?

  4. Does it fit the way I would like?

  5. Is it stained, tattered, missing buttons, broken zipper?

  6. Does it portray the image I want to?

  7. Does it fit me properly?


There are a lot of closet storage and organizing systems out there.

If this is not in your budget consider adding another clothes rod. To make the space work better take a look at the various hanger options that will help with organization.

Consider rotating your clothes by season and storing them in vacuum seal bags.

They can be purchased in various quantities and sizes. These can be stored under the bed or in the closet.

If storing under the bed I would use under the bed storage containers to avoid dust and dirt. These also come in different sizes and quantities. You may want them with wheels for easy access, be sure it comes with a lid. You could use these with out the vacuum seal bags if you do not have a lot to store.

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