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Dealing with clutter

Do you struggle with clutter or organizing? If so you are not alone 69.3% of the world's population say that clutter is an issue for them. So, how are we dealing with clutter?

Clutter can be overwhelming and therefore we tend to put it off. But, over time it just gets worse and makes it hard to find things. This in itself can lead to bigger issues.

Homeless Clutter

So, how do we deal with it? The first thing is to make sure everything has a place. Finding a place for things can be a chore itself, I know I have experienced it. Walking around aimlessly with an item in my hand trying to figure out where it should go. The biggest thing when finding a home for things is that it needs to make sense in YOUR mind. Think where should this go that makes sense? Where would I look for it? Asking yourself these 2 questions will help in finding homeless items homes.

Create A Plan

We also need to consider our organizing personality. Once you learn your personality you can deal with the clutter once and for all. Well, not really, clutter will unfortunately always occur

For this reason we need to have a plan in place to deal with it on a daily or weekly basis. Here are some suggestion for how to do this.

Using Containers To Deal With Clutter

Place some type of container in rooms and when something is in that room that does not belong add it to the container. Pick a day once a week to take the containers and put things back where they belong. If this is not done on a weekly basis pretty soon said container will be overflowing, do not wait until this happens.

Use A Timer

Choose one, two or three days out of the week for dealing with clutter. Determine the space that needs tending to. Next decide how much time you can spend on that space. It does not need to be the same amount of time each session.

Maybe you have more time to work on a space than others. It could be the day needs to be changed. If we get too strict with days and times one of two things will happen, we won't do it or we will overwhelm ourselves. Just be sure that you are dealing with clutter every week or it will become overwhelming and not get done.

Get Rid Of Things

Always have a donate box on hand, there are always items in the home that can leave. When doing the laundry decide if there are any items that can leave the house, place on the side, when you are done place them in the donate box. When helping children pick up their rooms keep an eye out for broken toys or those that are no longer age appropriate. When you are putting the groceries away look for products that are expired or old and throw them away. When you bring new beauty care products into the home or personal hygiene products see if there is anything you can throw away. Whenever you bring something new into the house get rid of 1 or more items like it.

Take It With You

When leaving one room for another look to see if there is something you can with you that lives in the other room. Many times we use something in a room where said item does not live and sometimes we leave it there. Just scan the room you are leaving to see if there is something you can put away either in room you are going into or passing.

Non-Monetary Gifts

Gifts contribute to clutter, especially one we don't need, use or do not like. When it comes to those special days when someone wants to show they care by giving you a gift, give them some other suggestions. Let them treat you to a meal, a spa day, an event, museum etc. If they want to get something just for you ask for gift cards, tickets to an event. You can also ask for a subscription to whatever it is you desire. This not only is a great way of dealing with clutter, but it is also a great way to get something you will use.

Do you have a way of dealing with clutter not mentioned? Share so others can learn.

Need help decluttering or organizing schedule your free discovery call virtual coaching is also available.

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