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Dealing with leftovers

Most of us deal with leftovers on a weekly basis. Leftovers tend to get pushed behind other items and forgotten about. Then one day we push an item over and there lies a science experment that we did not mean to takepart in. I know this from personal experience and landed up throwing out both the experiment and the container. This happens more with plastic containers then glass.

With the holidays upon us there will be plenty of lefto vers. Guests may be willing to take some and you are left with the rest.

There are a few ways to deal with leftovers, so we do not end up with 1.) A science experiment and 2.)) throwing food away.

First take a look at what is leftover, what can you freeze? When freezing food I like to use a ziplock bag, wich I sometimes double depending on what it is. I label the bag with the contents and the date. I have one section in my freezer that is just for leftovers, so they do not get buried.

I do the same in the fridge, but I use square or rectangle BPA free storage container. Using roung storge containers takes up more rooom and does not look aorganized.

To learn more about BPA and why we should be sure to buy BPA free plastic click here. Even if it is BPA free I never use plastic in the microwave.

There are a variety of reusable labels you can purchase to label leftovers, be sure to include the date they were stored.

Thanksgiving leftoverRecipes

One of my favorite things to do with leftovers is to create a completely different dish. Here are some recipes I founf for Thanksgiving leftovers. I included some images of the ones I would like to try.

From 25 New ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers from Taste of Home.

Do you have a favorite recipe/recipes for Thsnksgiving leftovers? If so please share.

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