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decanting benefits

If you are new to the term decanting, it refers to emptying various foods from their packing into a container. Why should we do this? There are various reasons it can make it easier to find things. Which in turn can save you money from purchasing something you do not need.

Better Organization

If keeps your pantry/cabinets organized. This not only makes it easy to find what you are looking for, but keeps it nice and neat and organized. Adding labels makes it easier to find things and clear containers allow you to see what you are getting low on. They can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit your households needs.

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Preserves Food Longer

Preserves food for a longer period of time. So many times we land up throwing away food because it goes stale or is just old from sitting on the shelf. This saves you money making the purchase worth to save money on food in the long run. These are available in various quantities, some come with customable labels.

Decanting Seasonings

If you buy seasonings in bulk decanting them is the best way to extend their shelf life. Seasonings should be stored in glass jars for the best results. Say good bye to clumps by decanting. Even if you do not buy in bulk having all of your seasonings in the same containers will your space a uniform look.

Many of the products come in different quantities and come with labels. Some come with labels already printed with what they consider standard seasonings in most homes.

Decanting Baking Goods

How many times have you reached for the floor or sugar just to discover a hole at the bottom of the bag. You go for the brown sugar and it is one big clump, these can be avoided by decanting.

There are a variety of decanting options, be sure to choose one with labels.

You have to check out these cute tools for keeping brown sugar soft.

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