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Detailed Abundance

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

This type of organizer is usually a crafty person and/or has a home based business. They also like to read and tend to acquire various reading materials. Baking and cooking is something else they enjoy and tend to have a variety of cooking and baking gadgets. They tend to acquire a variety of items for various tasks, workout equipment, tools etc.

For these reason they tend to have an abundance of items. It is hard for them to part with things even when they know it's for the best. For this personality is a good idea to have a box to put things in that you no longer use. Label the box for month from the date you put the items in it. Store it someplace out of the way. Mark the date on your calendar and when that date comes if you have not used or thought about the items in the box donate the entire box.

They like to see what they have however, they will not put anything back until they have finished whatever they are working on. This can especially be a problem when it comes to home and crafting projects. However, they are very organized once a system is put into place.

The go to items for the detailed abundance organizer are peg boards, open shelving, clear containers, baskets anything that is a micro organizer. Create boxes to store items in for each project you are working on, label it if you need to.

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