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detailed simplicity

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The detailed simplicity organizer likes to be organized with little to no visual clutter. You like a detailed organizing system, but sometimes do not have one in place. This leads to creating piles however, the piles are organized and make sense. For instance bills in one pile, receipts in another etc.

Someone who likes detailed simplicity will declutter and organize a total space rather than little by little. You like to have things in a certain order and often will often create a organizing system within another one. Everything has to have a place making easy to avoid clutter because once it has been used it goes right back in its place. Even though these individuals do not have an issue organizing a system first needs to be put into place. Organizing paper clutter is one of their weaknesses, thus they create neat piles until they can deal with it.

The best organizing systems for those that like detailed simplicity are solid containers, a binder and/or filing system, closed shelving and having a planner. This could be digital or physical depending on which one you would actually use. If you have others in the household consider labels as this will make it easier for them to put items back in their place.

Check out these products for detailed simplicity organizing.

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