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drop zones

Drop zones are placing in our homes that things tend to get dropped, kitchen counter, tables, floors etc. These drop zones contribute to clutter, but there is something we can do, create drop baskets/containers. These are placed in areas of the home where things tend to get dropped. This does not include items like keys, wallets, phones those need a designated drop zone.

Use baskets or containers to statically place where stuff tends to get dropped. Once the basket/container is full take it with you and place the items in their proper homes, do not let it over fill.

You can get decorative baskets/containers for drop zones you would like to be more attractive.

They come in different shapes and sizes, so there is one to suit the need of the stuff it needs to hold.

You can purchase plastic baskets which for the most part can be purchased in sets, making a less expensive option. However, from I have seen they only come in square or rectangle, but do come in various colors.

I love furniture that services multiple purposes. You can purchase end tables that come with a storage baskets, just be sure you can remove the basket.

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Children tend to make drop zones through out the house. Purchasing a toy wagon, toy shopping cart, stroller, (make sure the stroller is one that can hold more than just a doll), or other products that will hold toys, have wheels and a handle makes it easier for children to go through the house and gather toys. If makes it fun and you will spend less time following them around. You might even consider playing their favorite music and encourage them to finish before the music stops. This is especially true if they are allowed to choose what they want. Pick out 3 show them and let them decide.

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