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extra bedding for guests

With the holidays, sometimes it can lead to guests. I know I just had my 4 grown children here last week. At this time we have one working guest bedroom with a twin bed, so what did I do with the other 3?

One took the not so comfortable couch and the other two had air matresses, one of which we just bought for their visit.

Air Mattresses

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The air matrress in the image is a queen size Coleman double high. We have had it for years and it has held up great. I love that it has a storage bag for easy storage and to protect he mattress. I have to say we have only used indoors. It comes in both queen and twin.

Here are some other air mattresses agailagble in both quen, twin and some are double high.

Mattress Air Pumps

Some also come with a built in pump. I personally would not purchase one due to issues with the air pump going out. We purchased an Intex electric pump, which both adds air and removes it. We used when we visited my husband's family and again when my children came. I will say this it airs up slowly, but the air removal makes so much easier t

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o fold it up and get it into the storage bag.

There are otherair ma ttress pumps some come with a car adapter which is good for caming.

Storing Air Mattress

If you purchase an air mattress that does not cme with a storage bag, like we did with the second one here are some storage ideas. Use a travel laundry bag, just be sure it is durable. Here are some durable laundry bags for storing your air mattresses.

You might also consider some other options.

storage bags with handles come in various sizes and can be used for storing other items as well. Vacum seal bags work as well and come in various sizes. If space is an issue consider under the bed storage containers, be sure it has a lid to prevent dust.

Storing air Mattress for Longevity

Always wipe down your air mattress with a damp cloth. Let it air dry to prevent mold, remove all the air as storing the mattress with air in it can weaken the seams, lastly be sure to store mattresses in a cool dark space.

Storing extra bedding and pillows

There are various products out there for storing extra bedding. What I have done is use the bag that the blanket/comforter came in. They have a zipper clouser, are heavy plastic and I can easily store a flat sheet to be used on the air mattress. For the Pillows I saved the plastic bag they came in and store them in that. This only works if there is some way to close the bag. I also prefer a clear window or clear container to make it easy to see what is inside.

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