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Help children stay organized

When we have small children we are bound to have clutter. Children's things tend to infiltrate the entire house. How can we help children stay organized? We need to incorporate open storage which they can easily retrieve items and put them back. Involve the child/children in the purchasing process. Pick out 3 options for the child to choose from, this makes it less overwhelming for you and them. In doing this with my children they were more likely to complete a task with little to no complaining.

Consider purchasing a container with handles for each child. Consider the items that will go into the container. This will allow you to choose the correct size and shape.

Keep the container in the area of the home that will be easiest for the child to use. If they tend to bring toys into a specific room keep it there. Encourage the child to put items into it they are no longer engaged with.. At the end of the day take it to where the items belong. Encourage the child to put the items back where they belong. I helped my children until they were 5. Encourage them to do it themselves by handing them items.

Open Storage

Choose open storage for children's toys. There are various options, some come with storage bins, while others do not.

Using open storage gives you various ways to use them. You can use bins with them or not. Allow children to help with the process of choosing which unit they would like along with storage bins. To make this less overwhelming to the child give them 3 chooses for both the unit and the bins.

Clear Storage Bins

Using clear storage bins for storing children's toys has 2 up sides. The first is that it makes it easy to see what is inside. The second is that they are easier to label, allowing young children to not only know what is in it, but also makes it easier to put items back in the right place.

The one on the left comes in 2 different sizes, is sold in pairs and comes with 24 labels. Click on the image to view the bins and labels.

Color Storage Bins

Using color storage bins for children's toys has advantages. The first is it is a fun way for young children to learn colors. Secondly each color can be for different items.

The set pictured comes with 6 different colors, click the image to learn more. You might also consider these tags which you can put an image on of what is in the bin. There are other tags that clip on just watch for sharp edges.

Bins Created For Children

There are also bins created just for children. if you want something to fit around the theme of the room. You could also purchase some geared toward your child's interest. Then just stick a tag on it with the image of what is in it.

It's game time! When comes to picking up turn it into a game. Give them their basket and send them on a toy hunt around the house. When they have completed the task give them praise.

Set a timer and see how much they can put into their basket, cheer them on and give praise even if the task was not completed.

Pick a specific toy, book, block etc. for them to hunt for with their basket. Depending on what they played with it you could even use shapes or colors. Teaching a child numbers? Ask them to put so many items in the basket. You can even start with 1 item then 2 and 3 etc. remember to give praise.

Do you have a game to play geared towards them picking up their items? If so share, so others can learn.

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