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label maker for organizing

I love this label maker for organizing. The cool thing about this label maker is that it is inkless, as it uses thermal technology. Use it to create labels for binders, containers, shelves or anything else you need to keep yourself organized

The other thing is that you have to download the app as it uses Bluetooth. When you want to create a label you can use your tablet or phone. You can do a lot with this, it comes with various fonts, icons, borders and you can upload your own images, create QR barcodes, UPC codes, address labels and more. One of the biggest thing I love about this label maker is that the labels are not just water and oil proof, but BPA free. If you would like you can purchase different color labels, clear and a few have images on them. They come in different sizes which can changes how many stickers you get. The labels also peel off easily leaving no residue behind and if using on glass can handle the dishwasher when placed on the top shelf.

The NIMBOT D11 portable Bluetooth printer comes with a 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery, a roll of labels, recharging USB cord and users manual. Once the label maker is fully charged it will last up to 5 hours. The label maker is available in 7 different colors.

I have included a video demoing the D11 label maker, there is a slight issue when starting a new roll of labels.

The links included in this post are Amazon affiliate links. When anyone purchases this product, using the links, I earn a percentage, no additional cost to you, that goes towards my business.

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