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laundry baskets

The successful use of laundry baskets is to find out how you and the people in your home organize. Someone who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor rather than its designated space needs an open basket. This makes it easy for them to put the items where they belong.

The person who likes things out of sight out of mind can deal with laundry baskets being in a closet or have a lid. However, when we have various organizing personalities in the home it is best to leave laundry baskets out in the open, with no lid.

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Fabric Laundry Baskets

Fabric laundry baskets come in many styles. You can get them with handles or without. They also come in various colors and shapes. You can also purchase some in pairs or even threes.

Laundry Baskets with Removable Liner

Having a basket with a removable liner has some benefits. The first is that it is an easy way to keep the basket clean. My husband does work that leaves various things stuck to his clothes. These things end up at the bottom of our basket. It is nice to just dumb the clothes in the washer and toss the liner in. If you take your laundry to the laundry mat, the liner is full. Just take it out and off you go. Some even have drawstrings, like the one in the image.

Laundry Baskets on Wheels with Handles

Laundry baskets on wheels with handles are great for easily moving laundry around. The downside is if your laundry is located on another floor.

Plastic Laundry Baskets

I include plastic laundry baskets as I thought they would be in a better price range, but no. However, one thing I do like about the plastic baskets is that the majority of them have holes. This allows for air flow, which aids with odors.

Laundry Baskets For Children

There are a lot of options for laundry baskets for children. This makes it is to find one that goes with the theme of the room. The majority of them do not have lids, making it easy to put dirty clothes where they belong. Some of them even have that removable liner, like the one in the image.

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