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Lazy Susan organizer ideas

There are a loot of lazy Susan organizer ideas. However, when I was growing up they were used to hold things like salt, pepper, sugar and condiments. Now they are so many ways to use the lazy Susan for organizing.

Where to use a Lazy Susan

Under the kitchen sink

The sky is the limit, one should ask the question where can you not use a lazy Susan? Use them under the kitchen sink to easily access cleaning products used on a daily basis.

I like the ones with the dividers, so I can organize like items. This one has dividers that are adjustable, even better.

For the Fridge

I love this lazy Susan organizer idea. Forget about the traditional round lazy Susan, they are making rectangle ones now. They are specifically designed for the fridge, but rules are made to be broken.

I can see that this would be an issue when there are other items around it. Thankfully there are various lazy Susan's that can be bought based on your specific need.

In the Pantry or Cabinet

Depending on your pantry and cabinets a double lazy Susan is a good option. Some of them are adjustable. When it comes to using a double lazy Susan, I like the idea of having the sides enclosed.

When using a lazy Susan in your pantry or cabinet pair similar products making it easier to find things more quickly.

Lazy Susan in the Bathroom

A lazy Susan in the bathroom is great no matter where you put it or how you use it. It's perfect if you have a small bathroom to set on the counter. Use it for your first aid products either under the sink or closet.

Use to sort your medications and/or supplements. Organize your make up, lotions, nail polish and perfume bottles.

For Art Supplies& the office

Lazy Susan's are excellent for organizing art supplies. You can even purchase a regular lazy Susan and containers to hold the supplies. This allows you to customize it for your personal needs.

Also consider the lazy Susan's for make up. These are good for organizing art supplies as they already have built in compartments.

How will use the lazy Susan organizer ideas? Share so others can more ideas on how to use them. This post contents affiliate links.

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