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Organizing a small kitchen

Under the shelf baskets

Organizing a small kitchen can be tricky. The first think that needs to be done is to declutter all the things you do not use or no longer want along with expired seasonings and food.

I love the under the shelf basket, available in various colors

Under the shelf hooks

Another option is to use hooks under a cabinet. Hooks can be used to store cups, utensils, pans, pot holders or anything else that has a hole for hanging.

Another option for small kitchen organization is utilizing the space over the stove. There are various options and they are heat resistant.

Counter Top Corner Shelve

One space in our homes that is often over looked are corners. If you have a small kitchen consider some counter top corner shelves. You can also use some corner wall shelves. You can also get regular wall shelves or wall corner shelves.

Magnetic Storage for fridge or stove

There are a lot of products that are magnetized for storage on the fridge or stove. Different styles, materials and sizes.

Over the door organizers

There are plenty of over the door organizers. They can be used over pantry doors, cabinet doors and even under the sink. They various ways they can be used are just up to your imagination.

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Counter Top organizer with drawers

If it is drawers you lack in your small kitchen consider a counter top organizer with drawers. There is a vast selection most are targeted for bathroom use, but of course can be used in the kitchen as well as other places.

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sink storage

Don't forget about the kitchen sink and cabinet. It can be used for extra storage, I would not recommend storing food in this area. An adjustable sink caddy may benefit your small kitchen storage needs, but it might be a pain because it will have to be removed to use the sink.

There are a variety of products for organizing under the sink like these for the shelf.

Stackable shelves

Stackable shelves in the kitchen are a great way to create more storage. A variety of sizes, colors and styles. These can also be used under the sink as some are sold in multi packs.

Wall shelf with hooks

A wall shelf with hooks a great option for a small kitchen. The shelfs could hold smaller containers with seasonings or anything else you struggle to find space for. Hooks can hold anything that has a hole for hanging. A little imagination and your kitchen will be tidy and organized.

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Which one do you want to experience?

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