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organizing receipts & coupons

Organizing receipts and coupons keeps these important and much used items in check. There are a variety of products to help organize these items, it id just a matter of finding the one/ones that work for you. When it comes to keeping receipts only keep them if you need them for tax purposes or if you think you may need to return something. For anything else do not even bother getting a receipt.

Accordian organizers are nice for organizing things like receipts and coupons as there are many options. I like that the one in the image can be labled on the front. This is beneficial as you might want one just for recipts and another for coupons. For coupons you can organize them into food groups or types of items, such as heealth and beauty, snakes, pets, frozen/refrigerator, deli, paper products, cleaning, office, ect. I suggest going through them onde a month to remove any that have expired. Organizing according to expiration date will make this process easier. Place those with a nearing expiration date in the front. Then you know to take the ones in front first.

For receipts you use labels such as technology, household for things like vacum cleaners, hair dryers, irons ect. business, automotive ect.

Zipper binders are another option for organizing coupons and receipts. There is one to suit all your organizing needs. However you will also need to purchase sheet protectors to store your coupons and receipts. While many of these protectors are for trading cards they can easily be used for coupons and receipts.

Click Image to View Producct

This type of organizer is an easy way to access coupons and store receipts. They come in a variety of styles. I like the one in the image as it can also hold credit cards and cash.

Have another way of organizing receipts and coupons? Please share.

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