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Organizing small spaces 1

Their are a lot of people who live in a small space. Organizing small spaces can be a challenge. However, with this being a common issue companies have created products just for this issue.

This will be a series of posts covering every space in one's dwelling. Here we will cover solutions that can be used anywhere.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a great way to organize and can be used anywhere in a home. Use them on doors or walls, they come in a variety of styles, such as whimsical, like the ones in the image. They come in wood, metal, brass, decorative, antique. for kid's spaces.

Heavy duty hooks for use in the garage or just for hanging heavy items, like pots and pans. For more storage consider wall hooks with shelf.

These can be used for storing any items that can hang or be made to, get creative.

Wall Basket Storage

Wall basket storage is another option. It offers more storage options. Not only are they decorative, but can be used anywhere in the home.

There are various options for the wall basket storage. They come in a variety of sizes and materials like wicker, rattan, wire, fabric, plastic.

Be sure to check for how much weight it will hold and wall mounting hardware comes with it.

Corner Shelf

The corners in our homes are the most overlooked for utilization. A corner shelf is the perfect solution for small spaces.

These are perfect for minimalists, modern, Boho, wood, black, white.

If you are interested in having something fill a whole corner here are some options, corner cabinets, corner table, corner shelving unit, corner furniture.

Do you have a small space? Tell me about the space and your decor style and I'll see how I can help.

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