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organizing & storage ideas

Here are some organizing and storage ideas to use in various places in your home. Things can be designed to use for one thing. but with a little imagination we can use it for different things.

This adhesive floating shelf has a variety of uses. While the image shows it in the bathroom I can see it being used in a nursery to hold diaper lotion, finger nail clippers, brush/comb, under the kitchin sink, it's the perfect size to hold a sponge, office for pens, highlighters, scissors, hole punch, by the bedside table to hold glasses, remote, phone what will you use it for? Purchase one or two.

Here is one that contains 4 pieces.

I can see this one being used under the sink, in the fridge, on the fridge, office, perfect for post it notes, bathroom, shower, use it to hold paints for crafting, glue. small jars holding crafting embellishments, use it on the inside of a door to access items easily. like spices you use every day, where do you need a litle organization? Use your imagination.

I love this set of 4 adhesive wire baskets. they are so versatile use them for extra storage under cabinets, use them to sort mail, school papers, extra storage in a cabinet or pantry, use them in a child's room to sort books, craft products, use them to hold games for electronic devices, remotes, bathroom products over the counter, under the sink, on a door or closet wall, nursery for holding diapers, wipes, grooming products, shoes or use them to hold decorative elements such as small plants, candles, books etc.

If you want to label them there are a variety of reusable lables for wire baskets.

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