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organizing the fridge

I don't know about you, but my fridge can turn into one big science project if left unattended. I have found that by creating zones my fridge not only stays organized, but I also avoidi having one big science experiment.


  1. We tend to store our condiments on the door shelves, which makes sense, but if not stored proberly things can get lost or forgotten about.There are various things we can do to avoid this. The first is to store the most used condiments on the top shelf. The next shelf should contain condiments less used and the last shelf condiments used on a monthly basis.

Store doubles in a pantry or cabinet until needed. Consider using storage bins on the shelf on the door. This will make it easier to remove, but also keep the shelves cleaner.

Storing Fruits and Vegtables

The majority of refrigerators have drawers for both fruits and vegtables. However, forgotten produce can cause a big gross mess. Using containers to store fruits and vegatables not only means less mess, but makes it easier to see what you have.

Storing Meat & dairy

I have a drawer where all our meat & dairy products are stored. If you do not have a drawer for these items designate a shelf for them. Use containers to seperate different meats and cheeses. This will also help to create a longer shelf life for packages that are open or that others in the home do not/ can not properly close. These containers are also great for holding left overs.

Consider these reusable chalk board labels. to make it easy to findproducts.

Storing Left Overs

How many times have you gone into the fridge just to discover some left overs that turned into a science experiment? Me? To many to count. Designate a space on a shelf near the front to store left overs. If you want to use the storage container to reheat the contents be sure to use glass as plastics can leech harmful chemicals into your food. Using square or rectangle storage containers will allow you to store left overs easily verses round contianers. If there are small children accessing the fridge use plastic storage containers and transfer to glass for reheating. Also consider the chalk board labels to write what is inside and the date it was stored.

Top Shelf Organizing

Use the top shelf for milk, juice and other items that take up more room, placing less used items in the back.

Storing raw meat to thaw

Pet peeve, my lovely husband wil put raw meat in the fridge to thaw, if you have ever done this you know what a mess it makes, so now we have a container to put raw meat in to thaw that can easily be washed and put away, easy no mess.

Storing Eggs

I personally have a shelf for my eggs and leave them in the container they came in. When I buy more I put the new container on the bottom and the older one on top. However, I can see others wanting to place them in another container for their own reasons. If this is you make sure to give them their own space and keep the older ones in front or on top of the newer ones. There are a variety of egg storage containers with some fitting up to 36 eggs.

Storing Beverages

There are many products one can use to organize the various beverages from water bottles, to cans and juice boxes. The one in the image is adjustable and comes with 4. Just be sure to desginate shelf space for beverages or forsimilar beverages.

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