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Shoe Organizer ideas

One thing we all have is shoes, some more than others. Often they end up a clutter on the closet floor or under the bed collecting dust bunnies. In this blog post I am going to give various ideas for storing shoes and I promise there is something for everyone.

Shoe Organizers for Small Spaces

Some options for those who live in smaller spaces with not a lot of storage options under the bed storage containers are a good option. Be sure it has some kind of closure to avoid the dust bunnies.

Another option for small spaces is an over the door shoe organizer. There is another option for small spaces if you have room for a hanging shoe organizer. This one hangs over the pole in a closet. Check all the closet options for organizing shoes.

Hidden Shoe Storage

I had no idea they made cabinets for shoe storage. I like the one in the image due to it has a drawer to drop wallets, keys, sunglasses and more to grab easily when going out the door. I love benches and there is a nice selection of benches with hidden shoe storage and a place for those items to grab.

You can check out all the shoe organizing ideas. All the links are affiliate links which means I get a percentage at no additional cost to support my business.

Happy Decluttering


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