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tame the entryway shoe clutter

Shoes, they tend to gather in entryways and are a tripping hazard. When my children lived here the rule was and still is no more than 2 pair of shoes by the entryway. I never bought anything to contain them due to not having the floor space, but we all found our own little space where shoes were kept out of the way.

If I had the room I would love a storage bench with either shelves or cubbies. I love pieces of furniture that are multipurpose. I would store extra blankets or games inside. I would just have a shelf for the shoes making it easy for them to put them away and take them out.

One thing I have noticed with my family is that they like things easy. They want to put shoes on easy and take them off the same way, so the cute cubbies and baskets would not work for us.

Something like this 3 tier shoe rack would be good for us, but I think even this would take up too much room. If we used the front door there would be plenty of room for the bench above, but we use the back which has less space and I know they are not going to want to go to the front to put on or take off their shoes.

Pay attention to the way your family puts on and takes off their shoes. This will help figure out what is the best way to keep your entryway free of shoe clutter and limit how many pairs of shoes can be out at one time.

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