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tea bag organizer

I am not a coffee drinker, but I love tea hot or cold. I have deep cabinets and it's hard to know what I have in the way of tea. I'm looking for a tea bag organizer to make it easier to know what I have and thought you would be interested to know what options are out there too.

Oh my gosh I love this! For me this tea bag organizer has 2 down sides. The first is I'm not sure it will hold all my tea bags and the second is it's too big. While the cabinet is deep the opening is narrow.

I could make it work, but it will be a pain getting it in and out. I also love the fact it comes in 3 colors.

I will not be getting this one, but it's great for small spaces or for those who drink a lot of tea. while I would not buy it I find it aesthetically pleasing. This is the sage, it also comes in gray and black.

I love this one and can be used in a pantry, cabinet or counter top. Last week I did a post on Lazy Susan Organizer Ideas. Lazy Susan's are great for organizing and so versatile.

This one will fit nicely in my cabinet. I'm really consider this one, but need to find out how many types of tea I have first.

I found a lot of containers like this, but finally found one where I can place the dividers where I want them. I also like that they lids, will fit in my cabinet and I can stack them, it's a win win.

I love these and I love DIY. I can purchase a container from the dollar store and use these to create spaces for my tea packets.

You can purchase them in different sets, 8 pieces 16 or 32.

Are you a lover of tea? My favorite is Chai, what's yours?

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