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types of clutter

There are all types of clutter, a cluttered home, mind, schedule etc. However we are going to focus on the clutter in the home.


First there is lazy clutter. Walk in the door and kick off the shoes, throw your jacket over whatever is closest along with your purse. keys etc.

Cook dinner and leave the pots and pans on the stove. Take your food into another room to get on your laptop or watch television. Then you just set the plate/bowl on the side and carry on.

Now it's time to get ready for bed. Maybe you take a shower/bath, strip your clothes off and leave them in a pile. Once you get done cleaning up the towel joins the pile of clothes. You turn off the light and get into bed.

Once you wake up you realize you didn't tend to anything before heading to bed, but you need to get out of the house. You scramble to remember where you kicked off your shoes and placed your jacket, keys, wallet, purse and end up wasting time trying to locate them.

Over time if not tending to things can get out of hand with you just dropping things where ever. You then become overwhelmed at the mess and clutter that has over taken your space.


Future you clutter develops from the way you want to be some day. This could be workout equipment that is purchased, but never used. It is now a catch all for various items.

You might go out and purchase that piece of clothing you have been wanting. A smaller size is purchased because you bought that workout equipment and you plan on taking off inches to fit into said purchase, but again it's just added to the clutter.

Crafting seems fun, you go out and buy everything you need for your first project and 6 months later it is still sitting where you left it.


identity clutter is just what is says. You might keep things that belonged to your grown child because of the memories of being a mom.

You might keep text books and papers from years spent in college. It might be that being a student and studying what you loved is something you do not want to get rid of.

Sometimes when loved ones pass we go and take things from their home that resonate with time spent with them.


Homeless clutter is clutter that does not have a designated space. When items do not have a permanent home they tend to be shifted from one spot to another. At this point you are just trying to organize clutter.


Guilty clutter comes when we feel guilty for getting rid of stuff. You know that sweater you got for a holiday that you never wore and don't even like. But aunt so and so gave it to me and she's my favorite aunt.

That bottle of cologne you got from your partner on your anniversary that sits collecting dust. You get the idea.

What type of clutter do you have? Contact me to discuss your needs in person or virtual.

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