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Using a maybe box

Using a maybe box when decluttering saves time. It is a place to put items you are not sure you want to get rid of, has sentimental items and items you think you might use one day.

Be sure to use a sturdy cardboard box.. Put the items in it you are unsure about. Be sure not to over fill it and use 1 box only.

Sentimental items

With sentimental items choose 1 or 2 to keep, take pictures of the ones you are getting rid of and create a album or folder, depending on what device you are using.

Do not put these items in the box

Items that can be replaced for $20.00 or less or can be borrowed should not go in the maybe box. Items you have more than one of, items that are broke, missing pieces, tattered, stained or not in good condition. All of these things can be tossed.

What to do with the maybe box

Once the box is full, tape it up, mark the date on it for a month later and put it somewhere you can not see it, but it is not hidden. Be sure to mark a calendar with the same date that is on the box. If after the month is up and you have not gone into the box, thought about anything in the box without looking in the box put in your car to take to a donation center.

How often to do this

You can do this as often as you need to. However you can only have one maybe box at a time. Otherwise you can up with a bunch of maybe boxes which can quickly become clutter and a fire hazard.

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