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Vacuum seal bags for organizing

Updated: May 8, 2023

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Vacuum storage bags are excellent for storing seasonal clothing, extra bedding, pillows, sleeping bags, air mattresses etc.

They allow you to store them more effectively while giving you a sense of peace due to less clutter.

You can either store them in a closet, if you have room, or consider a container that could easily slide under a bed. Be sure to keep similar items together and label the container for easy access. Labeling containers allows you to find things easier without pulling out container after container. If you have not already check out the post on Label Maker for Organizing.

If you are lacking under the bed space, considering pulling everything out from under the bed to see if the items need a new home, can be donated or recycled. For items to be kept either find them a new home in the house that makes sense or use containers to organize them in a way that makes sense.

In Feung Shui it is said that items under the bed that are not in containers hinders the flow of energy in the home which has a negative impact on us. This is because we are all energy, everything is energy and has it's own vibrational frequency. When our bodies natural vibrational frequency is low we are at risk for health issues.

My husband owned a musical store and had some moving pads, which we used when we moved. They are bulky and were taking up a lot room. I purchased some of the bags and they worked great and are reusable. As an Amazon affiliate I have searched for the best deals as if I was shopping for my home. These bags can be purchased in various sizes.


Includes the following, has 4 1/2 star rating with 1,819 reviews.. If you have a lot to store this is the best option, air, weather and dust proof. Click on image to shop.

  • 2 Jumbo bags are 39.4 x 27.5 in and can fit1 bedding set

  • 2 Large bags are 33.5 x 21.7 in and can fit 2 pillows

  • 3 Medium bags are 27.5 x19.5 in and can fit 8-10 clothes/towel

  • 3 Small bags are 23.5 x 15.7in and can fit 6-8 T-shirts or 4-6 sweaters

  • Comes with 1 hand pump to extract air

If you do not need the bigger bags maybe 10 medium will do the trick, measuring 70 X 50 cm, comes with hand pump air extractor. Click on the image to shop.


Click on the image to view more vacuum seal bags. The 2 above are the best deals I found with good rates.

There are also a variety of hanging vacuum seal bags which are great for clothing worn very little. They come in different sizes depending on your needs, formal dresses, suits, etc. I have never used these, but my concern would be wrinkles, but that can also occur in a cluttered closet.

Prices vary, click on the image for choices

If traveling is your thing there are also travel vacuum seal bags, which has nothing to do with decluttering, but it can help to stay organized while traveling. The one thing that is nice about some of the products is they do not require something to remove the air. They are designed to roll up, so during the rolling process air is released, click the images to shop. There is not a lot of these type available, so what you see here are the options.


  • 4 large 28 x 20"

  • 4 medium 24 x 16"

No pump needed


  • 3 Large 24 x 16"

  • 3 Medium 20 x 16"

  • 4 Small (20 x 14")

No pump needed


  • 4 Jumbo 28" x 20"

  • 4 Large 24" X 16"

  • 4 Small 20"X 16"

No pump needed

Outside of this method do you have another way of storing the items mentioned in the blog? If so please share.

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