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Our price is $30.00 an hour.  If you would like one of the TDS team to come look at the job it will cost $30.00 unrefundable if you decide not to work with us. If you do work with us the $30.00 will  be applied to the job.

For an additional room take 20% off the $30.00. We will also give 20% off for a referral. 

If you need more rooms to be decluttered and organized, we can discuss a package deal.

Ask about our senior discounts.


One of our team members will help you to gently declutter and organize a space. We will take away any unwanted items and donate them to the Renewed Thrift Store in the Berryland Shopping Center in Ponchatoula Louisiana.

Their Facebook - Renewed Thrift Store

Their Ministry - Renewed Ministries




Our team will take over the tedious job of unpacking after the move. Our fee is $21.00 an hour We can even help you figure out which organizing system works best for your household. Making it easier to stay organized.

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