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Visual organizing is for those who like to see their belongings.  They tend to have clothes on top of the dresser or the floor. If you look in their closet or dresser you will not a whole lot in their. Most of the time it will  be items they don't wear or don't like.


Detailed abundance personalities love hobbies, cooking, baking, reading and may have their own business. I like to see their things and usually have more than one project going at once. They tend to acquire things for their many interests and have a hard time parting with things.

White office organization

Detailed simplicity organizer prefer little to no clutter in sight. If  they do not have an organizing system in place they will create piles of like items. They often will create an organizing system within in an organizing system.


Visual Simplicity has a tidy, clean home. However, do not open drawers or closets. This organizing personality does not do well with traditional organizing systems such as containers with lids or filing cabinets. For this reason without a system in place they shove things where ever leading to clutter and disorganization

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